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Immigration Movement Holds House GOP Accountable for Refusing to Vote on Immigration Reform

Immigration Movement Holds House GOP Accountable for Refusing to Vote on Immigration Reform 

Pro-Reform Advocates Hold 15 In-District Protests and Office Occupations in Key States 

Washington, DC – After a year of watching House Republican leaders avoid their responsibility to schedule a House vote on immigration reform, President Obama is ready to act to protect immigrant families and workers. Executive action by the administration is paramount for our families now that House Republicans have killed reform, but the President is right when he says that congressional legislation is the only way to permanently fix our broken immigration system.

That is why immigrant families and reform advocates across the country are going to members’ district offices today with whistles and signs and issuing a clear message to House Republicans: You get a RED card for foul play and repeat offenses on immigrant families.  Congress might be out of the game, but President Obama is still playing and ready to do his part to make sure immigrant families don’t have to suffer on account of House Republicans’ inaction. 


According to Ben Monterroso, Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota, “House Republicans will be held responsible for killing the best opportunity in decades to fix the immigration system and reach out to the Latino community,” Monterroso said, adding that legislative scorecards on immigration reform will be issued in late July. “The GOP-led House has failed the nation through its inaction and has insulted our communities that are poised to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. If they have any doubts, they should check with Mitt Romney,” Monterroso added.

In the year since the U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan immigration bill, House Republican leaders have recoiled in fear of the anti-immigration extremists in their party and refused to vote on reform legislation that could pass the House. Not only have they caved in to the extremists who are known for hurling insults at Latinos and immigrants, they are now renewing attacks on immigrants, especially children. Their current focus is the undoing of the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) program that gives to eligible young immigrants who were brought to this country without documents permission to live and work in the U.S.

The House GOP’s history of targeting immigrants and children will be answered today Wednesday by local immigration leaders and allies who will detail the fouls that the GOP House has committed on this issue, and how their party risks losing support in the Latino community for years to come.

According to Arturo Rodriguez, President of United Farm Workers, who spoke on behalf of his members who participated in the action outside House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) office today, “No one should know better about the importance of immigration reform than our new House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.  But he has decided against calling for a vote on immigration reform this year.  Mr. McCarthy, you have neglected your duty as a leader of Congress and your constituents and the country deserves a vote.” 

Besides demonstrations at 15 district offices, immigration advocates are holding rallies, press conferences and risking arrest. The campaign is led by United Farm Workers, the Alliance for Citizenship, and Mi Familia Vota.

Added Sue Chinn, National Campaign Manager for the Alliance for Citizenship, “Earlier this week, the President indicated that—just like us—he’s grown frustrated and has lost patience with House Republicans. And now, he is going to take matters into his own hands to address the immigration crisis. Well, so is the pro-immigrant rights movement. We are going to hold Republicans accountable for blocking reform,” said Chinn.

“As we roll into the 2014 and 2016 election cycles, Latino, Asian, and immigrant voters will remember how House Republicans blew the best chance at fixing the immigration crisis. Our movement is growing more determined and stronger every day. We will actively mobilize immigration reform supporters across party lines to elect a Congress that will fix our broken immigration system—and we won’t stop until we secure a permanent solution for our families.”

Follow today’s events on twitter via the hashtag  #OccupyCIR and #TimeIsNow. 

View a list of today’s full list of events and offices HERE.                                                                                                                                                    




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